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Berlin / German Historical Museum (DHM): Interior of former hall of cash registers.
Berlin / German Historical Museum (DHM): Fašade inner yard of former Minol Building
Hamburg / City Hall: Tower Hall - painting of wall and ceiling.


Conservation / Restoration

Conservation and restoration of wall paintings, including ceilings, as well as architectural surfaces in general Conservation/restoration of equipment of churches (altarpieces, etc.) Conservation/restoration of decorative elements consisting of natural stones, stucco, terracotta, brick, etc. Preventive conservation Laser technology

Reconstuction and design

  • Desing and execution of paintings of interior rooms and facades
  • Reconstruction of wall paintings following historical sources and using historical techniques
  • Reconstruction of wall paintings with all techniques possible


  • Photographical work with infrared and ultraviolet light
  • Photography in all techniques and formats
  • Computer aided photoworks, drawing and mapping
  • Visual and written documentation
  • Archive of photo material and other documentation


  • Analytical methods and technical measurements
  • Interdisciplinary examination executed by specialists working in different domains
  • Development of conservation methods as well as research referring to the materials and techniques

Further services

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with craftsmen, architects, scientific domains, etc.


  • We offer the possibility of internships / trainee programme
  • Training of conservators/restorers, co-workers and seminars for conservation/restoration
  • Seminars for basic knowledge of wall painting and colour design